Banded knifefish (Gymnotus stenoleucus)

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a family of knife fish (knifefish) is truly fascinating, for their incredible ability to send electrical charges and use them to evaluate the environment around them, to hunt the food, and to seek a companion of the opposite sex; they are often incorrectly referred to as ' electric fish '.

The Gymnotus stenoleucus are very difficult to find on the market, even if they remain in size smaller than other congeners, and in any case are not the best fish for beginners , because they are sensitive, can not bear the common aquarium medicines, especially those containing copper, they are very sensitive, and can also be very aggressive ; in most cases they require live food in order to survive, as being from the capture in nature at least the first times they will have a hard time getting used to eating dead food, and will not completely accept dry food.

If raised in duly large tanks (no less than 100 cm in length) and in the right conditions, they can become very docile and curious, both about their environment and what happens outside the tank, also recognizing the owner. The ideal is an aquarium with many hiding places made up of stones, woods and roots, with poor lighting. If the light is too intense, you risk not seeing them around the tub, also because in their natural environment they are used to very cloudy water