Livestock policy for Aquarium Iwarna Pte Ltd 

Livestock Policy in effect, year 2012 to current year.

1) Full payment is required for guaranteed reservation of livestock. This applies for both domestic and export requests. NO refund/credit upon livestock loss during holding. Proof of loss during holding will be shown via photos/video.

2) Any damage/defect (e.g pop eye, torn fins) while holding or sustained during fish capture, we are not liable. However, we do our best to prevent these situations.

3) Mortality during holding, we are not liable as fish can die from a myriad of reasons. We will try our best to treat for any diseases that show up, however not all treatments can be successful.

4) Mortality/rejection claim for:

a) Exports: Within 6 hours of arrival, taken with dead fish in original packing. We do not cover deaths from improper acclimation.

b) Domestic sales: Customer assumes liability upon receiving and accepting the fish.


5) For Local Purchases/Reservations, consumer assumes liability upon purchase/reservation .
NO exchange , refund/credit will be entertained after purchase.

6) Refunds will NOT be entertained after reservations are made, especially if customer is fickle in his choices. We deserve the right to safeguard our sanity

7) We reserve the rights to grant replacement/credit at our discretion.

8)  Iwarna delivery, receiver to check the livestock in bag. No return/refund policy after the receiver of the delivery accepts the livestock from deliverer.  
If the livestock is dead, immediately upon receiving it. Please do inform our delivery staff at the door and we will expedite a replacement at our discretion