Arcadia T5 Light Reflector

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Arcadia T5 Light Reflector 24W/39W/54W

This Arcadia lamp reflectors work by directing T5 lighting back into the aquarium to ensure that optimum lighting levels are offered to all of your fish and other aquariums inhabitants – a critical factor in their health and development. The reflectors are easy to set up and ideal for all aquarium hobbyists – beginner or experienced. Maximum light reflection can be achieved by simply positioning the reflector behind the lamp.

The Arcadia T5 Reflector benefits from a strong and ultra-robust aluminum body which is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The lamp is supplied with lighting clips, designed to lock into the reflector and clip onto T5 lighting tubes effortlessly. These special light reflector lamps can be used with all 16mm diameter T5 lights.

The Arcadia T5 Reflector ensures that no light is lost, instead ensuring that the light is reflected back inside the aquarium to increase lighting levels for fish and corals, whilst adding to the beauty of your tank. 

Installation: Fix clips to reflector, using screw through slots provided and attach to lamp. Can also be adjusted to produce perfect angle for the aquarium

At a Glance;

Power: 24w

Length: 550mm

Power: 39w

Length: 850mm

Power: 54w

Length: 1150mm

Easy to clean

Corrosion resistant

Fits most standard hoods and batten fittings.

Sturdy aluminum design.

1 per pack.

Reflects all light back into the tank

Optimum lighting levels for fish, reptiles and plants

can be used with all 16mm diameter T5 lights

Positions behind your lighting lamp effortlessly