Fauna Marin Elementals Ca/Sr – Concentrated Calcium and Strontium 1L

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We recommend maintaining Ca between 380 – 420 mg/L (at 35 salinity) and testing regularly with a laboratory water analysis.

Dosage of Elementals Ca + Sr:
50ml per 100L (26 US gal) = 95 mg Calcium
50ml per 100L (26 US gal) = 1.8mg Strontium

Optimal calcium value: 380 – 420 mg/L
Optimal strontium value: 8 mg/L

Maximum daily dose: Do not increase Ca by more than 25ml/100L per day.

You can easily calculate the exact consumption of your aquarium by using the Aquacalculator: www.aquacalculator.com

Always keep product closed after use. Store dark at room temperature.

Product intended for aquarium use only!
Keep away from children! Do not swallow!
Not suitable for consumption or pet food.
In case of skin or eye contact, rinse with plenty of water.