Hailea HS 90A Chiller

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Hailea HS-90A Aquarium Chiller
Hailea HS-90A keeps your aquarium within stable temperature range, reducing stress on fish and corals. It chills 500L of water from 28 to 18 deg C in 20 hours.

Aquarium chillers are one of the most critical systems of an aquarium. With a Hailea aquarium chiller, your aquarium water will be maintained within the optimal temperature range, ideal for fishes and corals to thrive.

Hailea chillers are value for money considering that their reliability has been proven over many years here in Singapore.

Benefits of Hailea Chillers
Reliable and quiet chiller unit, suitable for indoor aquarium water control.
Economical solution-Hailea chiller costs less for the chillers at the same power.
Strong metal chassis to ensure the chiller to work quietly.
Digital LCD Control Display-easy to control the water temperature (3 Centigrade min.)
Contemporary housing does not look out of place in the surroundings.
Environmental-friendly refrigerant R134a
Titanium Heat Exchanger, suitable for fresh and marine water.
The chiller can be powered by a water pump or power filter
These are the specifications of Hailea HS-90A:

Power: 1/2HP
220-240V 50Hz
Working Current: 2.4A
Water Refrigerated: 200-1200L
Iced Medium: R134a
Rate of Flow: 1200-3000/H
Size: 460x320x595mm
Capacity: HS-90A can chill 500 Litres of water from 28 Celsius degree to 18 Celsius degree after 20 hours continuous operation