ORCA LABS Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes Original (250ml - 5L) Long Term phosphate Nitrate Reduction

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Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes Original

  • More economical & effective than any other product of it's kind
  • Helps control algae
  • Reduces 50ppm Nitrate to 0ppm within 1 to 2 weeks in Freshwater, Seawater and Brackish water
  • Easy & convenient use, no daily feedings or dosings, just add as directed and enjoy 4 to 6 months Nitrate free water
  • Does not contain toxic ethanol which is commonly used in liquid nitrate removers
  • No more Fluidize Media Reactors or Deep Sand Bed Filters required which saves space, time and Money
  • 100% natural, biological Nitrate removal, no chemicals or metals like iron or aluminium
  • No effect on pH or alkalinity
  • MASSIVELY Reduces Water Changes

Bio-Cubes are made from 100% biologically degradable polymers that effectively remove nitrates from both marine and freshwater systems.

Bio-Cubes have a very high surface area and contains 400% more carbohydrates than any other brand, making it the best product of it’s kind in the world. Bacteria consume the high carbohydrate source found in the Bio-Cubes and form a biomass that absorbs nitrates from the water in the aquarium. This biomass is then skimmed out with a protein skimmer or is consumed as a food source by corals and clams.

BIO-Cubes are very versatile and can be used in filter bags, fluidized reactors and denitrators. BIO-Cubes require no maintenance and require no feeding dosages making it the easiest and most convenient nitrate removing product on the market. Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes comes with a free filter bag with every jar.

500 ml treats up to 174 gallons depending on Nitrate Levels.


Directions for Use:
The amount required will depend on stocking densities and amount of Nitrate in the aquarium. If Phosphate levels are very low (less than 2% of total Nitrate) use Nitra-Guard BIO-Cubes TITANIUM instead.

Below 15ppm NO3: 0.75ml p/L water
15ppm - 30ppm NO3: 1.5ml p/L water
30ppm - 60ppm NO3: 2.5ml p/L water
Above 60ppm NO3: 3.4ml p/L water

Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes Original