Pterophyllum scalare “Peru Red Spot” Angelfish, aka. “Peruvian Altum” ADULT SIZE

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Peruvian Altum, Spotted, Black Spotted, Red Spotted Angelfish and so forth. The trade names are a crazy mess, and ordering sight unseen has personally lead to a fair amount of disappointment over the years. But this time, you can see the parents for yourself, you know what they are. They are the fish you’re looking for, and they’re F1, first generation from wild caught parents. On top of it all, bringing these Peruvian Red Spot Angelfish to market has helped support a fledgling small business here in the midwest, and it puts an exceptional caliber of angelfish into the hands of both our wholesale LFS customers (if you have a shop, contact us to get on our wholesale pricelist) as well as private hobbyists around the country who’ve been longing for an exceptionally attractive wild-type angelfish fitting the general conception of a “Peruvian Altum”