Reef Nutrition APBreed TDO Chroma Boost food

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  • Resealable spout to retain maximum freshness and quality
  • Moisture and oxygen excluded by foil bag and scavenger packets
  • No unwanted fillers or additives
  • Contains only the necessary ingredients for healthy fish, high growth rate and bright colors
  • State of the art pellet formulation keeps your tank clean and clear
  • High quality fishmeal protein for easy digestion and feed conversion
  • Beneficial for all life stages
  • Professional hatchery feed at an affordable price
  • Careful handling and prompt distribution with constant refrigeration maximizes freshness for up to 1 year or more
  • Works great in an auto-feeder

APBREED TDO CHROMA BOOST is professional Japanese fish feed “top-dressed” with Haematococcus (which provides an excellent source of astaxanthin) for vibrant color and superior nutrition.

New for 2017: new formulation optimized with 400 ppm astaxanthin for the reddest reds and whitest white

Individual packages of each pellet size are available as shown in the table below:

Type Shape Size
A Granule 75 – 250 µm
B1 Granule 250 – 360 µm
B2 Granule 360 – 650 µm
C1 / X-SMALL Granule 580 – 840 µm
C2 / SMALL Granule 840 – 1410 µm
EP1 / MEDIUM Extruded Pellet 1.7 mm
EP2 / LARGE Extruded Pellet 2.3 mm


Very small fish (larvae and small juveniles) benefit from continuous availability of food. Feed small amounts frequently, but do not allow uneaten food to accumulate in the tank.

Feed larger fish only as much as they can consume in two minutes.


  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Prior to opening, store refrigerated (33-42°F / 1-5°C) for maximum shelf life
  • Avoid extreme temperatures and direct sunlight

Sample Clownfish Feeding Chart

The chart below shows the suggested sizes of TDO feed to be used during the different stages of clownfish growth over 75 days.