Reef-Resh TM – Ultra low nutrient additive

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System Reef-resh is an innovative four part system for true low-nutrient reef keeping. By harnessing the power of microbial activity, the system provides an elegant solution to excess nutrients in home aquaria. System Reef-resh is ideal for the discerning SPS enthusiast.

Benefits of running System RF
• Greatly enhanced coloration of corals
• Increased growth rates of corals
• Marked improvement in water quality
• Decreased nuisance algae outbreaks
• Improved fish health
• Decreased parasite outbreaks


Working with a Canadian biotechnology firm, we have manufactured a custom blend of bacterial strains with concentrations of over 80 billion cells/mL. In their planktonic state, these bacteria serve as a highly nutritious food source for corals and zooplankton. More importantly, these complimentary bacterial strains form nutrient consuming biofilms.


RF-Fuel is a unique fusion of organic carbon sources enriched with amino acids. It is a safe, and highly effective carbon-based bacterial food source that will steadily improve water quality. The process is very gentle, and will not have any negative effects on your existing corals.


RF-Plus is a water-stable mixture of liquid and solid coral foods that have been enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vibrant coral colouration results from regular use and is most noticeable for SPS corals. Additionally, unlike any other coral food, RF-Plus has been engineered to be free of nitrates and phosphates.


The role of amino acids becomes critical in a low nutrient environment. RF-Acids is blend of specific amino acids that our research has shown to improve coral growth and colouration. Those that inhibit coral growth have been excluded from this highly concentrated mixture.


RF – Genesis – 50mL 1x drop per 25 gallons system volume daily
RF – Plus – 50mL 1x drop per 25 gallons system volume daily
RF – Acids – 50mL 1x drop per 25 gallons system volume daily
RF- Fuel – 500 mL Please follow chart on bottle