St Thomas Mushroom Coral

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Common Name: St Thomas Mushroom
Latin Name: Rhodactis sanctithomae
Origin: St Thomas
Category: Soft
Care Level: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Lighting: Low
Waterflow: Low– Medium
Placement: Low
Colors: Blue, Red, Orange
Growth Speed: Medium

This type of mushroom is extremely rare! The St. Thomas Mushroom is part of the Rhodactis family and closely resemble bounce mushroom because of their insane vesicles. They come in a variety of striking colors and can grow to 3-4” in diameter. These mushroom are great for both beginner or advanced hobbyists because they are really easy to care for. They are hardy and easy to care for and come in a assortment of color and are true show pieces in any aquarium.

Diet and Feeding

They love to eat although feeding is not necessary as they are photosynthetic animals. . When they are full grown they can closely resemble anemones and clownfish wills sometimes even host them.